What We Provide

Medical Examiner Exam RoomWe assist families, law enforcement agencies and the legal system by determining a scientifically unbiased cause and manner of death. Our personnel recognize the significance of losing a family member unexpectedly. Our investigations are performed, in part, to assist the grieving family by obtaining answers regarding the death. In the minutes and hours after a death, many issues may seem irrelevant, however, weeks or months later, the comprehensive investigation will provide answers to pressing questions that may arise. 

We investigate deaths that are of concern to the public health, safety, and welfare of the community. Deaths reported to our office are investigated by a trained medical examiner investigator (MEI). The MEI will examine the scene of a death and the decedent to collect information regarding the circumstances surrounding the death. This information helps to determine whether the decedent needs to be transported to our office for further examination. If the circumstances surrounding the death are consistent with a natural disease process, the Medical Examiner or Deputy Medical Examiner may release the decedent from the scene directly to the funeral home of the next-of-kin's choosing.