Our Personnel

Our office employs six full-time forensic pathologists and two forensic anthropologists. One of our seven forensic pathologists is also board certified in neuropathology. We also employ a full staff of pathology assistants, neuropathology assistants, investigative assistants and administrative support.

Dr. Patrick Hansma
Patrick A. Hansma, DO
Medical Examiner
Dr. Jared Brooks
Jared K. Brooks, MD
Deputy Medical Examiner
Dr. Jered Cornelison
Jered B. Cornelison, PhD
Forensic Anthropologist
Dr. Edmund Donoghue
Edmund R. Donoghue, MD
Deputy Medical Examiner
Dr. Derek Draft
Derek M. Draft, DDS
Forensic Odontologist
Dr. Amanda Fisher-Hubbard
Amanda O. Fisher-Hubbard, MD
Deputy Medical Examiner
Dr. Christine Pink
Christine Pink, PhD
Forensic Anthropologist
Avatar Photo
Anna Lane Kathryn Tart, MD
Deputy Medical Examiner