Forensic Anthropology

Our office employs two full time forensic anthropologists to assist in the daily needs of our Medical Examiner and Deputy Medical Examiners, including human versus non-human bone identification; search and recovery of remains; comparative medical and dental radiography for positive identification of remains; complete skeletal analyses to determine the sex, age, ancestry and stature of skeletal remains; skeletal trauma reconstructions and analyses; and input and case management of unidentified individuals in the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs).

In 2016, our team of forensic anthropologists positively identified 46 decedents via radiographic comparison and performed 23 skeletal trauma analyses. Just one year later, the number of positive identifications made via radiographic comparison nearly doubled to 79 decedents, with nine skeletal trauma analyses and the coordination of the search and recovery of four decedents.

Dr. Jered Cornelison
Jered B. Cornelison, PhD
Forensic Anthropologist
Dr. Christine Pink
Christine Pink, PhD
Forensic Anthropologist